Links: 2020-03-04



Science Fiction

Neal Asher

Asher’s been extra-busy and interesting with his blog lately.

Story Reviews

Here are some more reviews of stories by some people I’ve discussed in recent Birthday Reviews:


  • Ansible® 392, March 2020. In addition to the wonder that is Thog, this issue includes the sad news that Thog’s dad, contributor to the Encyclopedias of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and more, Paul Barnett/John Grant has died. The two “As Others See Us” installments are particularly interesting: “According to the statistics on display in Helen Taylor’s lavishly publicised new study [Why Women Read Fiction], women bought 76 percent of the general fiction sold in the UK in 2017 and blokes a paltry 24 percent. Even when it came to the classics, women were still ahead (52 to 48) and it was only when you reached questionable sub-genres such as horror (46/54) and sci-fi (25/75) that the guys really came into their own.” / “Anne Fadiman on Clifton Fadiman: ‘Our father’s library spanned the globe and three millennia, although it was particularly strong in English poetry and fiction of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The only junk, relatively speaking, was science fiction…” And, of course, there’s much more.
  • Retro Science Fiction Reviews. Just found about this site which is currently reviewing 1944 science fiction and contains links to other 1944 reviews.






More of Corrosion of Conformity’s Reed Mullin…

Righteous Fool – “Low Blow” (previously unreleased track with 2/3 of COC, including Reed Mullin on drums and vocals)

Reed Mullin Tribute from The Lincoln Theater, Raleigh, NC. (The audio/video quality improves after a little bit.)

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