Featured Futures is primarily devoted to reviewing original English-language professional short speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, some horror). I cover nearly all SFWA-qualifying magazines (plus some that likely will be soon), as detailed in an essential extension to this page, the “List of Professional SF/F/H Magazines.” Around the end of each month, I do a “Monthly Summation” which contains a linked list of the best stories read in that month as well as linking back to the earlier reviews and other posts.

I also do reviews for Tangent which sometimes cover markets this blog doesn’t and sometimes preempt this blog’s coverage. Either way, I post links to those reviews when they’re published.

While current magazine fiction dominates this site, I also discuss the occasional anthology, collection, novel, or even movie or TV show.

Finally, I post frequently recurring or less frequent news items. The frequent posts are “Links” posts which point out things on the web that I hope are interesting, usually related to science fiction, science, history, or humor and which end with a piece of music or two from YouTube. Infrequent items include links to Tangent‘s recommended reading lists or collated linked lists of the “Year’s Best” volumes.

There is older material on this site’s predecessor, J-Sun-Space.

As can be seen from both sites, I’m pretty minimalist, partly by choice and partly from a total lack of visual artistic talent, so thanks to Fran at Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores for making the banner for this site.