Links: 2020-03-23

I normally post a book review or the like every Monday and post this sort of thing on some Wednesdays and was planning to do this one this Wednesday but I ironically haven’t been able to do much reading lately and this is ready to go, so here it is.

Science Fiction




  • The History Blog » Tiny new bird dinosaur found in amber. I guess the skull strength indicates that it’s not immature? Because that’s the first explanation for the size that occurs to me, but that isn’t addressed. Still several weird attributes aside from that, though.
  • The History Blog » #UffiziDecameron. I have done and will do my best to avoid the current event aspect of this, since I think there’s enough out there if you want it and some might welcome a reprieve but, since I’d also thought about the wonderful Decameron and there are nice, upbeat things about this article, I thought I’d share this one.



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