Review of Interzone #274 for Tangent

This issue of Interzone could be subtitled “The Philip K. Dick Issue.” In most of these stories, you will find yourself looking for the ontological floor and wondering who your friends and enemies are and what constitutes success or failure. While most stories of this kind are not great and those of this issue are no exception, there are a couple of good ones, including one superb one.

Full review at Tangent: Interzone #274, March/April 2018.


  • “Never the Twain” by Michael Reid

Honorable Mention:

  • “baleen, baleen” by Alexandra Renwick

Review of Trope-ing the Light Fantastic for Tangent

Trope-ing the Light Fantastic: The Science Behind the Fiction is a collection of sixteen articles by science and science fiction writer Edward M. Lerner. They were originally published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact from 2011 to 2016 and have been “integrated, expanded…, and updated” for this book….

Full review at Tangent: Trope-ing the Light Fantastic.

(I reviewed this a month and a half ago but it’s just being published now.)

Review of Cirsova #7 for Tangent

The seventh number of Cirsova brings us a novella, five short stories, and two flash pieces of what is intended to be pulpy science fantasy, fantasy, and horror fun. Some may enjoy the energetically delivered colorful subject matter and many may be dissatisfied due to the shortcomings of craft.

Full review at Tangent: Cirsova #7, Spring 2018.

Review of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly #35 for Tangent

This issue of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly includes three novelettes which take us to the New World, the Old World, and a Secondary World, with more or less bloodthirsty demons and more or less unlikely heroes and more or less of a sense of olden days in all of them. All have good points, though none entirely worked for me.

Full review at Tangent: Heroic Fantasy Quarterly #35, February 2018

Review of January 29, 2018 Strange Horizons for Tangent

Strange Horizons surprises us on the fifth Monday in January with an extra double “Trans / Nonbinary Special Issue” which includes one very dull story and one that is anything but (but not in a good way). If anyone is looking for a good “Trans / Nonbinary” story, I recommend Jose Pablo Iriarte’s “The Substance of My Lives, the Accidents of Our Births” (Lightspeed) or Nick Wolven’s “Galatea in Utopia” (F&SF) which are just two of the stories on the theme this month.

Full review at Tangent: Strange Horizons, January 29, 2018.

Review of January 15, 2018 Strange Horizons for Tangent

In the first section, “we” are “crones” and watching “Moscow burn” and one of us sets another one of our faces on fire. In the second section one of “us” is sick and “they” are wearing hazmat suits around her….

Full (single-story) review at Tangent: Strange Horizons, January 15, 2018.