Review: Constellary Tales #2, February 2019 (at Tangent)

This second issue of Constellary Tales is my first exposure to it. It presents a mix of fantasy and science fiction in five stories which range from 1000-3300 words and seems to have potential.

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Honorable mention:

  • Ambassador” by Michael Adam Robson (science fiction short story)

Review: Diabolical Plots #47, January 2019 (at Tangent)

It’s Surreal Month at Diabolical Plots with three odd tales, including a humorous one which I enjoyed.

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  • “The Man Whose Left Arm Was a Cat” by Jennifer Lee Rossman (fantasy short story)


Edit (2019-01-21): Tangent review updated with surprise third Diabolical Plots story.

Review of Compelling #12 for Tangent

Compelling‘s second issue from its current semi-annual schedule brings us five more science fiction short stories, most of which deal with varieties of economics and/or forms of biotech and most of which have some interest, including one recommended story.

Full review at Tangent: Compelling #12, Winter 2018.


  • “The Forest Eats” by Santiago Belluco (science fiction short story)

Review of Galaxy’s Edge #35 for Tangent

The final Galaxy’s Edge of 2018 brings us three flash fictions, two very short stories, two longer short stories, and one novelette. Unusually, all are SF except one of the shorter stories and, in a mathematically improbable way, it is one of the two best stories in this above-average issue.

Full review at Tangent: Galaxy’s Edge #35, November/December 2018.

Honorable mentions:

  • “Cat Lady” by Susan Taitel (fantasy short story)
  • “A Waltz in Eternity” by Gregory Benford (science fiction novelette)