Review: Black Static #68, March/April 2019 (at Tangent)

This issue of Black Static contains two novelettes and four short stories
whose quality are almost uniformly inversely proportional to their length,
with the shortest story achieving excellence, though a few may be sufficiently
creepy to entertain.

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  • “Totenhaus” by Amanda J. Bermudez (horror short story)

Review: Interzone #280, March/April 2019 (at Tangent)

The 280th number of Interzone contains two fantasies and three science fiction tales (including a novelette) which feature some religion, revenge, redemption, reconfiguration, and romance. While none appealed to me, all are substantial and some may appeal to someone.

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Review: IGMS #67, February 2019 (at Tangent)

The surprising editorial of the February/March InterGalactic Medicine Show announces that the magazine will be ending with the June/July issue. So this turns out to be the antepenultimate issue and it’s a pretty good one. It includes a novelette and four short stories, three of which are fairly science fictional and two of which are more like science fantasies. The strongest part of the issue comes in its middle three stories, which include two of the more science fictional tales and one of the more fantastic ones.

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Honorable Mentions:

  • “Reading Dead Lips” by Dustin Steinacker (science fantasy novelette)
  • “All the Things You Want” by Andrew Peery (science fiction short story)

Review: Constellary Tales #2, February 2019 (at Tangent)

This second issue of Constellary Tales is my first exposure to it. It presents a mix of fantasy and science fiction in five stories which range from 1000-3300 words and seems to have potential.

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Honorable mention:

  • Ambassador” by Michael Adam Robson (science fiction short story)

Review: Diabolical Plots #47, January 2019 (at Tangent)

It’s Surreal Month at Diabolical Plots with three odd tales, including a humorous one which I enjoyed.

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  • “The Man Whose Left Arm Was a Cat” by Jennifer Lee Rossman (fantasy short story)


Edit (2019-01-21): Tangent review updated with surprise third Diabolical Plots story.