Review of Little Green Men–Attack! for Tangent

In this, Michelle Ristuccia reviews the first half of the book and I review the second:

Review of Little Green Men—Attack!, edited by Robin Wayne Bailey & Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Recommended: no originals (but it was mostly quite readable; the Cato, Steele, and Ball would be honorable mentions or close to it; and the reprint of Robert Silverberg’s “Hannibal’s Elephants” (1988) is highly recommended.)

Review of Interzone #268 for Tangent

I usually do about a review a month for Tangent, sometimes more, sometimes less. This was one of those “more” times but I don’t foresee any in the immediate future after this.

Review of Interzone #268, January/February 2017


  • “The Transmuted Child” by Michael Reid (SF short story)