Clarke, Dozois, Horton, and Strahan’s Annuals, etc.

The contents of the “big four” general SF/F anthologies have now been announced. I’ve updated my “Collated Contents of the Big Year’s Bests (2017 Stories, with Links!)” and thought I’d let folks know that. I also thought I’d see what happened in relation to the stories I thought were among the Web’s Best Science Fiction and the Web’s Best Fantasy.

For the SF:

All four annuals:

  • The Martian Obelisk * Linda Nagata *, July 19, 2017 [Clarke, Dozois, Horton, Strahan]

Three annuals:

  • A Series of Steaks * Vina Jie-Min Prasad * Clarkesworld #124, January 2017 [Clarke, Dozois, Strahan]

Two annuals:

  • Uncanny Valley * Greg Egan *, August 9, 2017 [Clarke, Dozois]

One annual:

  • This Is for You * Bruce McAllister * Lightspeed #84, May 2017 [Horton]

Just me:

  • Penelope Waits * Dennis Danvers * Apex #101, October 2017
  • Fool’s Cap * Andy Dudak * Clarkesworld #129, June 2017
  • Rising Star * Stephen Graham Jones * Uncanny #15, March/April 2017
  • Tav * Dustin Kennedy * Compelling #5, February/March 2017
  • Seven Permutations of My Daughter * Lina Rather * Lightspeed #83, April 2017
  • Little /^^^\&- * Eric Schwitzgebel * Clarkesworld #132, September 2017
  • Sweetlings * Lucy Taylor *, May 3, 2017
  • Legale * Vernor Vinge * Nature, August 9, 2017
  • Cease and Desist * Tyler Young * Nature, January 18, 2017

Every editor has a sizable selection of stories unique to that editor and that’s good because variety is the spice (and having fewer duplicates makes for a better reading value).

For fantasy, it’s rather different as it’s only covered by the fantasy portions of Horton and Strahan and, there, I thought one of the best fantasy stories on the web in 2017 was:

Though She Be But Little * C. S. E. Cooney * Uncanny #18, September/October 2017

Horton and Strahan thought so, too, but that was it. My other twelve selections are… pleasingly distinctive. 🙂

Anyway, please go check out the collated list of selections brought to you by the pros and go ahead and give my “Web’s Bests” a look if you’re so inclined. Congrats to all the editors on their selections and the authors on their stories!


Collated Contents of the Big Year’s Bests (2017 Stories, with Links!)

Last year, I collated and linked to the webzine stories picked by Clarke, Dozois, Horton, and Strahan for their annuals. This year, I’ve collated all the selections. (I’ve also noted whether I’ve read them and, if so, whether they got an honorable mention, a recommendation, or were recommendations which made my Web’s Best Science Fiction or Web’s Best Fantasy.)

The collation is finally (Feb.9) complete but additional stories may continue to be released to the web, and I’ll continue to update this post if I become aware of any.

Latest change (see end of post for earlier changes): 2018-02-16: added link to Samatar’s “Account.” (Thanks to Laura.)

Four Annuals

Three Annuals: Clarke, Dozois, Strahan

Three Annuals: Clarke, Horton, Strahan

Three Annuals: Dozois, Horton,  Strahan

  • Sidewalks”, Maureen McHugh (Omni) [read late]

Two Annuals: Clarke, Dozois

Two Annuals: Clarke, Horton

  • “The Tale of the Alcubierre Horse” by Kathleen Ann Goonan (Extrasolar) [unread]
  • Extracurricular Activities” by Yoon Ha Lee ( [read]
  • ZeroS” by Peter Watts (Infinity Wars) [recommended]

Two Annuals: Dozois, Horton

  • “Winter Timeshare”, Ray Nayler (Asimov’s Science Fiction) [read]
  • “Starlight Express”, Michael Swanwick (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction) [recommended]

Two Annuals: Dozois, Strahan

  • “My English Name”, R. S. Benedict (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction) [unread]
  • “The Moon is Not a Battlefield”, Indrapramit Das (Infinity Wars) [read]

Two Annuals: Horton, Strahan

One Annual: Clarke

  • “Shadows of Eternity” by Gregory Benford (Extrasolar) [unread]
  • “In Everlasting Wisdom” by Aliette de Bodard (Infinity Wars) [recommended]
  • “Belly Up” by Maggie Clark (Analog) [unread]
  • “Every Hour of Light and Dark” by Nancy Kress (Omni) [unread]
  • The Last Novelist, or a Dead Lizard in the Yard” by Matthew Kressel ( [recommended]
  • “Meridian” by Karin Lowachee (Where the Stars Rise) [unread]
  • Regarding the Robot Raccoons Attached to the Hull of My Ship” by Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali (Diabolical Plots) [read]
  • Wind Will Rove” by Sarah Pinsker (Asimov’s Science Fiction) [read late]
  • “The Speed of Belief” by Robert Reed (Asimov’s Science Fiction) [recommended]
  • “Holdfast” by Alastair Reynolds (Extrasolar) [unread]
  • “Focus” by Gord Sellar (Analog) [unread]
  • Shikasta” by Vandana Singh (Visions, Ventures, Escape Velocities) [read late]
  • “A Catalogue of Sunlight at the End of the World” by A.C. Wise (Sunvault) [unread]

One Annual: Dozois

  • “Mines”, Eleanor Arnason (Infinity Wars) [read]
  • Pan-Humanism: Hope and Pragmatics“, Jessica Barber and Sara Saab (Clarkesworld) [read]
  • “The Dragon That Flew Out of the Sun”, Aliette de Bodard (Cosmic Powers) [unread]
  • The Hunger After You’re Fed“, James S.A. Corey (Wired) [read late]
  • The Martian Job, Jaine Fenn [unread]
  • “Nexus”, Michael F. Flynn (Analog) [unread]
  • “The History of the Invasion Told in Five Dogs”, Kelly Jennings (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction) [unread]
  • “Whending My Way Back Home”, Bill Johnson (Analog) [honorable mention]
  • “Canoe”, Nancy Kress (Extrasolar) [unread]
  • “Dear Sarah”, Nancy Kress (Infinity Wars) [read]
  • Waiting Out the End of the World in Patty’s Place Cafe“, Naomi Kritzer (Clarkesworld) [read]
  • “There Used to Be Olive Trees”, Rich Larson (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction) [unread]
  • “Triceratops”, Ian McHugh (Asimov’s Science Fiction) [unread]
  • “The Influence Machine”, Sean McMullen (Interzone) [unread]
  • Prime Meridian, Silvia Moreno-Garcia [unread]
  • “The Proving Ground”, Alec Nevala-Lee (Analog) [read]
  • “Number Thirty-Nine Skink”, Suzanne Palmer (Asimov’s Science Fiction) [unread]
  • “The Residue of Fire”, Robert Reed (Extrasolar) [unread]
  • “Night Passage”, Alastair Reynolds (Infinite Stars) [unread]
  • Vanguard 2.0“, Carter Scholz (Visions, Ventures, Escape Velocities) [read late]
  • Assassins“, Jack Skillingstead and Burt Courtier (Clarkesworld) [read]
  • “Elephant on Table”, Bruce Sterling (Chasing Shadows) [unread]
  • “The Road to the Sea”, Lavie Tidhar (Sunvault) [unread]
  • “Zigeuner”, Harry Turtledove (Asimov’s Science Fiction) [unread]

One Annual: Horton

One Annual: Strahan

  • “The Mocking Tower”, Daniel Abraham (The Book of Swords) [unread]
  • Probably Still the Chosen One”, Kelly Barnhill (Lightspeed) [honorable mention]
  • The Discrete Charm of the Turing Machine”, Greg Egan (Asimov’s Science Fiction) [recommended late]
  • Crispin’s Model”, Max Gladstone ( [honorable mention]
  • Come See the Living Dryad”, Theodora Goss ( [recommended]
  • “Bring Your Own Spoon”, Saad Z. Hossain (The Djinn Falls in Love) [unread]
  • “Babylon”, Dave Hutchison, 2084 [unread]
  • The Faerie Tree”, Kathleen Kayembe (Lightspeed) [honorable mention]
  • “Fairy Tale of Wood Street”, Caitlin R Kiernan (Sirenia Digest) [unread]
  • The Worshipful Society of Glovers”, Mary Robinette Kowal (Uncanny) [read]
  • “The Chameleon’s Gloves”, Yoon Ha Lee (Cosmic Powers) [unread]
  • “The Smoke of Gold is Glory”, Scott Lynch (The Book of Swords) [unread]
  • Concessions”, Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali (Strange Horizons) [read]
  • “Belladonna Nights”, Alastair Reynolds (The Weight of Words) [unread]
  • “Eminence”, Karl Schroeder (Chasing Shadows) [unread]
  • The Lamentation of their Women”, Kai Ashante Wilson ( [read]
  • Confessions of a Con Girl”, Nick Wolven (Asimov’s Science Fiction) [read late]
  • Carnival Nine”, Caroline M. Yoachim (Beneath Ceaseless Skies) [read]


  • 2017-12-15: Jonathan Strahan announced the contents of The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Volume 12. (Thanks to dolphintornsea at the F&SF forums.)
  • 2017-12-16: found and added links to the stories from Boston Review and Omni.
  • 2017-12-24 (updated the 26th): Gardner Dozois announced the contents of The Year’s Best Science Fiction: ThirtyFifth Annual Collection. Thanks to Roger Silverstein for the tip and Lavie Tidhar for posting it for the Facebook-challenged and showing up in the search engine.
  • 2018-01-23: Neil Clarke announced the contents of The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume 3.
  • 2018-02-01: added link to Buckell’s “Zen” reprint.
  • 2018-02-07: moved this stuff to the bottom in a Changelog because it was pushing the stories down too far. 😉
  • 2018-02-07: added links to four Asimov’s stories (“Grimes,” “Wind,” “Turing,” “Confessions”). Thanks to RSR.
  • 2018-02-09: added contents of Rich Horton’s The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2018 Edition. Thanks to dolphintornsea at the F&SF forums for alerting me and to Horton for posting the full contents.
  • 2018-02-10: added neglected link to Fowler’s Asimov’s story. (Thanks to Laura.)
  • 2018-02-14: added link to Watts’ “ZeroS.” (Thanks to Laura.)

Review of Infinity Wars for Tangent

Review of Infinity Wars, edited by Jonathan Strahan


  • “In Everlasting Wisdom” by Aliette de Bodard (SF short story *)
  • “Command and Control” by David D. Levine (SF short story *)
  • “Heavies” by Rich Larson (SF short story)
  • “Weather Girl” by E. J. Swift (SF novelette *)
  • “ZeroS” by Peter Watts (SF novelette)