Magazines and Their Reviewers

This page presents a table of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazines covered by five “prolific review sites.” Its primary purposes are to help people find the coverage of the zines they want to read about and/or to help them see which zines are covered from multiple viewpoints.

This is a variant of Rocket Stack Rank‘s “Magazine Coverage by Reviewers.” There are two significant differences and a minor one. First, this lists all the magazines regularly covered by the reviewers. Second, the list of reviewers includes Tangent Online but not the editors of annuals who presumably read most everything but don’t maintain review sites (though Dozois was and Horton is among those who recommend stories for Locus). The minor difference is just that there’s no number column because this isn’t being done for “stack ranking” purposes.

The legend for the table is:

The SFWA column doesn’t indicate a reviewer but that the zine is an SFWA-qualified professional market and the magazines are split into two groups based on that.

As always, any corrections, suggestions, or other input is welcome.


If you’d like the .csv file (which can be opened by any spreadsheet program) pictured above, just copy and paste the preformatted text:

Analog Science Fiction and Fact,FF,1KYP,RSR,SFR,TO,SFWA
Ares Magazine,FF,,,,,SFWA
Asimov's Science Fiction,FF,1KYP,RSR,SFR,TO,SFWA
Beneath Ceaseless Skies,FF,1KYP,RSR,,TO,SFWA
Clarkesworld Magazine,FF,1KYP,RSR,SFR,TO,SFWA
Compelling Science Fiction,FF,1KYP,,,TO,SFWA
Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores,FF,,,,TO,SFWA
Diabolical Plots,FF,,,,TO,SFWA
"Fantasy and Science Fiction, The Magazine of",FF,1KYP,RSR,SFR,TO,SFWA
Flash Fiction Online,FF,,,SFR,TO,SFWA
Futures (Nature),FF,,,,,SFWA
Galaxy's Edge Magazine,FF,1KYP,,SFR,TO,SFWA
Grievous Angel,FF,,,,,SFWA
InterGalactic Medicine Show,,,,,TO,SFWA
Lightspeed Magazine,FF,1KYP,RSR,SFR,TO,SFWA
Nightmare Magazine,FF,,,SFR,TO,SFWA
Strange Horizons,FF,1KYP,RSR,,TO,SFWA
Terraform (Motherboard),FF,,,,,SFWA,FF,1KYP,RSR,,TO,SFWA
Uncanny Magazine,FF,1KYP,RSR,,TO,SFWA
Abyss & Apex,,,,SFR,,
Black Static,,,,SFR,TO,
"Dark, The",,1KYP,,SFR,,
Heroic Fantasy Quarterly,,,,,TO,
Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet,,,,SFR,,
Neo-Opsis Speculative Fiction Magazine,,,,SFR,,
On Spec,,,,,TO,
See the Elephant,,,,SFR,,
Skelos: The Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy,,,,SFR,,
Space and Time,,,,SFR,,


  • 2018-03-21: Posted.
  • 2018-03-30: Removed an uncovered SFWA-qualifying market I’d included by mistake. Deleted a reviewer no longer aggregated by RSR.
  • 2018-06-30: Added The 1000 Year Plan.

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