List of Webzines

The purpose of this page is to concisely list webzines of a certain type to let people know what’s out there (and to provide easy access to them for myself and others). See below for sources and criteria.

Pro Zines

      1. Apex Magazine
      2. Beneath Ceaseless Skies
      3. Clarkesworld Magazine
      4. Compelling Science Fiction (no SFWA listing)
      5. Diabolical Plots
      6. Flash Fiction Online
      7. Lightspeed
      8. Nature (listed in Ralan’s flash category)
      9. Nightmare
      10. Strange Horizons
      11. (no Ralan listing)
      12. Uncanny

Other Zines

      1. Abyss & Apex
      2. Bracken
      3. Crimson Streets
      4. Electric Spec
      5. GigaNotoSaurus (token – special niche of long web fiction)
      6. Heroic Fantasy Quarterly (semipro)
      7. James Gunn’s Ad Astra
      8. Kaleidotrope
      9. Metaphorosis
      10. Mythic Delirium
      12. Pedestal Magazine
      13. Perihelion Science Fiction
      14. Shimmer (semipro)
      15. The Sockdolager
      16. SQ Mag
      17. Three-Lobed Burning Eye

Definitions and Explanation of Listing Criteria

This page defines a webzine as an active magazine listed by the SFWA and/or Ralan which is presented on a website and has no obstructions to reading and reviewing the fiction on its webpages. (Some otherwise qualifying webzines are not listed due to judgment calls regarding the zines’ having a scope even narrower than science fiction, fantasy, and/or horror due to generic, regional, or other limiting criteria.) These webzines are divided into “pro” and “other” groups. If a zine appears as an SFWA-qualifying market or in Ralan’s Pro Markets, then it’s a Pro Zine (and if I can’t find it listed by both, that’s noted). If it appears in Ralan’s Semipro, Pay, or Token Markets then it is an Other Zine (and is a “Pay” zine unless otherwise noted).

Within the above criteria, I try to list all pro, semi-pro, and pay zines. (If you feel one is missing, contact me.) Token markets need a special reason to be listed (such as GigaNotoSaurus being an exception to the above “narrower scope” clause in the service of longer short fiction).

Page created: 2016-12-22/Last updated: 2017-04-28