List of Professional SF/F/H Magazines

The SFWA maintains a list of “magazines and short fiction venues” which are “Qualifying Markets.” This page categorizes that list and serves as an index of Featured Futures‘ coverage. All covered magazines have links to their websites and to relevant posts on this site. Coverage is of two types: “select” means only notable stories are reviewed; “full” means all original fiction of a given issue is reviewed. Magazines which are currently fully covered are listed in bold. Featured Futures also regularly covers a few magazines which are not yet qualifying but which are established and pay professional rates. These are listed with asterisks. The “General SF/F/H Magazines” are divided into two main categories based on release style and frequency. “Monthly” and “Weekly” are misnomers but “Monthly” magazines release several stories no more frequently than monthly and those with full coverage are reviewed individually. “Weekly” magazines generally release one or two stories no less frequently than monthly and are covered together. Those with full coverage are now covered in “Weekly Reviews.” My categorization of the SFWA list is accurate to the best of my knowledge but I welcome corrections.

General SF/F/H Magazines

Monthly (or so)

Print Zines


  • Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show


Weekly (or so)



Other Magazines


  • Grantville Gazette [shared-world alternate history]
  • Future Affairs Administration [Chinese SF]
  • Star Citizen Jump Point Magazine [shared-world gaming]

Children’s Magazines (Not Primarily SF/F/H)

  • Cricket
  • Highlights
  • Odyssey



  • Cast of Wonders
  • Escape Pod
  • PodCastle
  • PseudoPod


  • Arc Manor
  • Chaosium
  • Grim Oak Press
  • Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust
  • Zombies Need Brains


Historical Notes

All Monthly/Print Zines have been fully covered since January 2018 except Amazing, which was reborn in Fall 2018. All linked Monthly Webzines have been covered since January 2017 except The Dark (January 2019) and Galaxy’s Edge (January/February 2018). (While always covered, Lightspeed and Nightmare were covered as Weekly through April 2018 and have since been covered as Monthly.) All 2017 Monthly coverage was selective; all 2018 coverage was full.

All linked Weeklies have been covered since December 2017 except Slate, which was covered retroactively from January 2018 and actively from April 2018. All 2017 Weekly coverage was selective; all 2018 coverage was full and those reviews were called “Weekly Webzine Wrap-Ups.”

Of Defunct magazines, Ares was covered for the single story they released in January 2018. Grievous Angel was covered retroactively from January 2017 and actively from November 2017 until its demise at the end of August 2018.


  • 2017-12-01: Page created.
  • 2018-04-19: After an unrecorded period, I added this ChangeLog. Previously the covered zines were split into Print-/E-/Web-zines and the latter were split into Monthly/Weekly. Now all are split into Monthly/Weekly and then into Print-/E-/Web-zines. Updated and clarified “weekly” zine coverage. Added Slate/Future Tense Fiction note. Corrected wrong header levels. Italicized magazine titles within lists.
  • 2018-04-29: Moved Lightspeed and Nightmare from weekly to monthly.
  • 2018-08-29: Moved Grievous Angel from Weekly/Webzines to Other/Misc (defunct).
  • 2018-09-05: Moved Cicada from Other/Children’s Magazines to Other/Misc (defunct). Thanks to Black Gate for the info.
  • 2019-01-06: Moved Ares from Monthly/Printzines to Non-Magazines/Defunct (and moved all other defunct zines there from Other/Misc). Removed “Writers of the Future Anthology” from Non-Magazines/Other because, whatever the merits of the case, the SFWA removed it from their list. Generally revised the page to reflect 2019 coverage and, hopefully, for clarity.

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