Tunesday: The Best of Cat Power

Collage of Cat Power album covers 1-8 and 10 made with feh from wikipedia images.

  1. Rockets” 4:43
  2. Still in Love” 3:29
  3. We All Die” 5:01
  4. Taking People” 3:25
  5. Nude As the News” 4:23
  6. Metal Heart” 4:02
  7. Cross Bones Style” 4:32
  8. Naked, If I Want To” 2:47
  9. Free” 3:34
  10. Speak for Me” 3:04
  11. He War” 3:31
  12. Living Proof” 3:11
  13. Lived in Bars” 3:44
  14. Could We” 2:21
  15. The Moon” 3:45
  16. Ramblin’ (Wo)man” 3:47
  17. Aretha, Sing One for Me” 3:12
  18. You Get” 3:44
  19. Black” 3:57
  20. Woman” 4:51

Total time: 75:03

#1 originally from Dear Sir (1995), #2-3 from Myra Lee (1996), #4-5 from What Would the Community Think (1996), #6-7 from Moon Pix (1998), #8 from The Covers Record (2000), #9-11 from You Are Free (2003), #12-15 from The Greatest (2006), #16-17 from Jukebox (2008), #18-20 from Wanderer (2018).

All songs written by Chan Marshall except #2 (Hank Williams), #8 (Jerry A. Miller Jr., originally recorded by Moby Grape), #16 (Hank Williams), #17 (J. Harris, Eugene William, originally recorded by George Jackson).

“Cat Power: A Retrospective” might be a more accurate title. A strictly commercial selection would be mechanical and obvious but a strictly personal one would be too idiosyncratic and unrepresentative despite significant overlap. I tried to strike a middle ground and tried to get at least most of what most people might expect. All her albums are represented except Sun (2012). While the songs appear in their albums’ order, a couple are shuffled within their albums for pace. If you like anything you hear, support the artist!


Seasonal Songs (of Sorts) II

All the info on this is in the first paragraph of “Seasonal Songs (of Sorts) I” and this second set is similarly structured. (But, however similar, only two tunes actually repeat (one with a different artist and lyrics and the other with different vocals and instrumentation) and this set adds such essential classics as “Stuff the Turkey” and “Last White Christmas.”)

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Seasonal Songs (of Sorts) I

The Art of Darkness » Link Dumps We Have Heard on High” showed up in my feedreader. One of its links was to “All I Want for Christmas is Darkness and Dread | MetaFilter.” That led me to some cool goth stuff (some familiar; some not) but, as usual, I couldn’t stay in the lane and ended up with much more (some familiar; some not). This is the first of two sets. It moves from the King, to punk, to “metal adjacent,” to comedy (of interest to speculative fiction fans), to the actual techno/goth stuff, before a last tune.

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Tunesday: Favorite Albums of 2017 (Mohs Scale 6-7)

Details about these posts are in the intro to  “Tunesday: Favorite Albums of 2017 (Mohs Scale 2-3)” but, briefly, here’s another alpha-by-artist list of favorite albums of 2017 with a sample song each, this time composed of what might be called “thrash” at the core or “crossover/hardcore punk” or the like at the edges. This one, appropriately enough, goes to 11 and those samples have a total time of 45:29. Continue reading

Tunesday: Favorite Albums of 2017 (Mohs Scale 4-5)

If you want details about what’s going on, check out the intro to “Tunesday: Favorite Albums of 2017 (Mohs Scale 2-3).” but, briefly, here’s another alpha-by-artist list of favorite albums of 2017 with a sample song each, this time composed mostly of what might be called “stoner rock” or “stoner metal.” This list is a little short with seven albums/tracks but the total time of 47:33 works out decently. Continue reading

Tunesday: Favorite Albums of 2017 (Mohs Scale 2-3)

No one can make a list of the “best” albums of 2017 but everyone can make lists of favorites and this is the first list of a batch of mine. They’re in batches because there are a lot and so doing them by genre seems reasonable, but musical genre is an impossible rat’s nest which leads to endless disputes so I’m just using a “Mohsical scale” which goes from 2-9 (because there’s always something harder/faster/whatever or softer/slower/whatever). So this is a list of some alternative-esque albums that impressed me, arranged alphabetically by artist (no idea why there’s nothing after “M”) with my very favorite in bold. Each is represented by a sample track from the album and the total time of these nine tracks is 43:34. Continue reading