Book Haul #8

No SF this time. I’ve got various editions of various history books but, of all of them, the Landmark series is, well, a landmark. New translations (or at least revised, in one case) with copious illustrations, maps, sidebars, headers, and all sorts of navigational aids, not least of which is a prodigious index. I got the Thucydides first when I was in the History Book Club (or whatever it’s exactly called), then picked up the Herodotus and Arrian used, and don’t even know where I got the Hellenika. Now I’ve gotten the Xenophon’s Anabasis and the Julius Caesar so, until they bring out the Polybius (bated breath), this is all of them.




Book Haul #7

This haul is a bit different. You can play “Where’s Waldo & Magic, Inc.?” (which is to say, “Where’s the SF?”) with this one (not to mention “Where’s the Non-Anthology?”). Stray note: the six anthologies contain 579 stories (obviously with plenty of overlap in the litfic anthologies, but still… it’s a lot of stories).