Links: 2020-02-12

Science Fiction

  • Opinion | The Darkness Where the Future Should Be – The New York Times. This article is about how hard it is to envision positive futures when the present is so dark. The Golden Age of SF was created by the Greatest Generation when we were in the dregs of the Depression which made our recent “Great Recession” look like a boom and when Hitler was blitzkrieging Europe with an initially unbroken string of smashing successes. The casualties to humanity in those years numbered in the millions. And then we went to the Moon just like we had in SF. What’s the present time’s excuse? What’s our problem? Buck up and get back that “vision thing.” We may all die tomorrow and there is much in the world driving us that way, from the corporations to Russia to China to aspects of the United States, itself. Without vision, hope, ideals, and appreciation for what is good in us and those who came before us, we would be doomed. But, with creativity, we may get over the oppression, hate, fear, and unreason after all. Mars, here we come. And then, per aspera ad astra!







A lot of musicians have been dying recently and, even more recently, drummers have been especially frequent casualties. This one hits, literally, close to home. COC started with their 1983 punk album Eye for an Eye, added thrash elements, then moved back and forth between a more metal and sometimes Southern rock vibe (generally as a four piece) and a more punk/metal vibe (with the three original members). Their latest album is 2018’s four-member No Cross No Crown. Here’s a little of most of the flavors. Reed was the drummer on all but 2005’s In the Arms of God but provided vocals on very few tracks, but there’s one of those, too.

Corrosion of Conformity – Animosity (1985): “Holier” (punk/thrash; with Mike singing)

Corrosion of Conformity – Wiseblood (1996): “Wiseblood” (Southern metal four-piece; Pepper vocals)

Corrosion of Conformity – Corrosion of Conformity (2012): “Leeches” (back to a three piece; Reed vocals)

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