Links: 2019-10-07

Science Fiction


  • Sabine Hossenfelder: Backreaction: Windows Black Screen Nightmare. This particular item is tech rather than science. It illustrates one of the many reasons I go to great lengths to run Slackware. (Speaking of science and tech, I still love Bruce Sterling’s bit in one of his novels: ‘Computer science was a fraud. It always had been. It was the only branch of science ever named after a gadget… Now physics, that was true science. Nobody ever called physics “lever science” or “billiard ball science.”‘ Now I have a hard time thinking of physics without “lever science” popping into my head.)




Liberals who value free thinking and the constitution might wonder, with friends like “the trans left” and many of the Democratic nominees, who needs enemies?

Liberals who value democracy, reason, and integrity might wonder, with enemies like the following right-wing writers, who needs friends?



For a second consecutive post, we’ve lost two more. I’ll get to them next time, maybe, but I already had the music loaded up (overloaded), including one that “should have been aborted” and others that might be even worse in Baker’s book:

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