Another Date Which Will Live in Infamy

The next installment of the Mueller report coverage (which describes a staggering amount of asphyxiating smoke yet claims to be unable to find a fire) is available if you wish to see it but there’s some interesting timing as I made an extremely rare political post and yet am compelled to do so again the very next day. This one gets closer to the topic of science fiction in that I mentioned awhile ago possibly blogging about the connections between China and SF. I wish all the people who buy Chinese fiction (which is emitted from a state of dictatorship and censorship) and all those Western SF writers who go to writing “camps” sponsored by the Chinese corporation/government (writers who should count themselves lucky not to be sent to China’s other “camps”) would rethink their “engagement” with China. As Wu’er Kaixi, a surviving protester living in Taiwan says at the top of the NewsHour (not included in the clip below), “We lost and the Western world adopted this China policy – they call it ‘engagement’ – I just call it ‘appeasement.'”

(I’d hope it would go without saying but, just in case, I want to make clear that my issue is only with the current dictatorial regimes of Russia and China and obviously not with the Russian or Chinese people, as such.)