An Era Which Will Live in Infamy

I’m posting this segment because it is clear, vital, and asks you to spare only six minutes.

All Americans have suffered an attack as momentous as Pearl Harbor. When will we acknowledge this fact and respond?


2 thoughts on “An Era Which Will Live in Infamy

    • Well, it’s clear that, in the most charitable interpretation, the current occupant of the White House is only interested in himself and will do nothing without massive public pressure (and perhaps not even then) but I don’t think party has anything to do with it. Obama’s negligence is a big part of this and I could do without any more of his “red lines.” Despite the size of the current Democratic field, I’m still having a hard time finding a convincing commander-in-chief but it’s also pretty clear that someone there is going to have to step up or the Psoviet Union will continue annexing Crimeas, partitioning Ukraines, intervening in Syrias, fragmenting NATOs and EUs, and continue to turn Europe and America to fascism. If we weren’t allowing this, it would be really pathetic. They tried to compete with us straight-up (like a great Russian bear) and lost Cold War I so now the rump of the USSR has basically become a terrorist state resorting to cowardly, underhanded asymmetrical warfare using agitprop and other tools of the weak to try to cause us to defeat ourselves (like an insect or virus). This, despite their being far more susceptible to internal division and conflict than we are so that, if we were to turn their means back on them, we would again win (and, this time, not let up as we did in the naive 90s). Continuing to root for teams when the entire stadium is being bombed is not productive. Democrats, Republicans, and independents are all being attacked and we must all respond.


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