Review: Lightspeed #108, May 2019 (at Tangent)

This month’s Lightspeed stories move from a longer novelette to a shorter one and then to a short story and a shorter one. The last two avoid direct narrative and the first and last (arguably) avoid genre commitments. Coincidentally or not, the issue’s best tale is the second, which is a science fiction narrative, though even it doesn’t stick the landing.

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Science Fiction

Here on Featured Futures, I’ve updated “Collated Contents of the Year’s Bests (2018 Stories, Links)” with the contents of Horton’s annual [edit: and Guran’s]. Elsewhere:






Calvin and Hobbes. (If you’ve missed them, don’t forget to check out all the things that have been reprinted since the last “Links” post, including the great insect collection project. the hiccup incident, and moments with Spaceman Spiff and Stupendous Man!)

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip for April 10, 2019