Links: 2019-03-15

Science Fiction


Apologies to Al Jaffee – I edited the ISFDB to reflect his birthday and then ironically neglected to put him on this list last week.

  • 1921-03-13 Al Jaffee
  • 1939-03-15 Joseph D. Olander
  • 1946-03-16 Chris Foss
  • 1948-03-17 William Gibson
  • 1842-03-18 Stéphane Mallarmé
  • 1946-03-19 John Gribbin
  • -0043-03-20 Ovid
  • 1932-03-20 Jack Cady

The data in this section is from the ISFDB. ISFDB entries usually have SFE and/or Wikipedia links for biographies. For free works of older authors online, try sites like FreeSFOnline,, Gutenberg, or





The Doors – “When the Music’s Over”


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