Links: 2019-03-08

Science Fiction


  • 1939-03-08 Peter Nicholls
  • 1955-03-09 Pat Murphy
  • 1918-03-10 Theodore R. Cogswell
  • 1938-03-10 Marvin Kaye
  • 1952-03-11 Douglas Adams
  • 1925-03-12 Harry Harrison
  • 1855-03-13 Percival Lowell
  • 1966-03-13 Alastair Reynolds
  • 1879-03-14 Albert Einstein

The data in this section is from the ISFDB. ISFDB entries usually have SFE and/or Wikipedia links for biographies. For free works of older authors online, try sites like FreeSFOnline,, Gutenberg, or






I was particularly struck by the part in the interview where he says, “I like that I’m making the soundtrack to the story you can create in your own imagination. It’s the reverse of a song. With a song, you tell a story through your lyrics. With this music, it’s something that the listener is free to create, his or her own story or her own storyboard.” Which is exactly what it inspired in me, as I’d come up with titles representing “programs” for the numbered tracks of Oxygene‘s “absolute” music. I don’t know that I ever did that for Equinoxe but, since the interview is on the occasion of Equinoxe Infinity, here’s one from its predecessor:

Jean-Michel Jarre – “EQUINOXE Part 5”


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