Month in Review: February 2019


Counting a few stories from the late-breaking Short Fiction and the last BCS and Terraform stories from January, February produced 48 stories of 210K words.* It also produced the odd results of two recommended dark fantasy/horror stories with no SF or general fantasy and five otherwise noted SF stories with no fantasy (though one could easily be considered yet another sort of dark fantasy/horror). Three of the five come from my two February Tangent reviews of Constellary Tales and InterGalactic Medicine Show, which have some oddness of their own. The former was born recently and I reviewed the second issue. The latter contained the surprising announcement of its death in the editorial. So the gods of short fiction giveth and taketh away.

* Which, between stories from next month’s printzines and some vintage stories, was the minority.

Noted Stories



  • The Crying Bride” by Carrie Laben, The Dark #45, February 2019 (dark fantasy short story)
  • Quiet the Dead” by Micah Dean Hicks, Nightmare #77, February 2019 (dark fantasy/horror short story)

Also Mentioned

Science Fiction

  • “All the Things You Want” by Andrew Peery, InterGalactic Medicine Show #67, February 2019 (novelette)
  • Ambassador” by Michael Adam Robson, Constellary Tales #2, February 2019 (short story)
  • Early Adopter” by Kevin Bankston, Terraform, February 14, 2019 (short story)
  • Give the Family My Love” by A. T. Greenblatt, Clarkesworld #149, February 2019 (short story)
  • “Reading Dead Lips” by Dustin Steinacker, InterGalactic Medicine Show #67, February 2019 (science fantasy novelette)






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