Summation: December 2018

December closes the year with little to fully recommend but with several good stories to note, mostly from unusual sources. These half-dozen tales were drawn from the month’s reading of 44 stories of 177K words (plus four November stories of 10K in December’s first review of the weeklies). Aside from the recommended stories, the most interesting items posted this month were probably (hopefully) this site’s “Year’s Best” and the start of the “Collated Contents” of the real “Year’s Bests” (linked in the News section at the end of this post).

Noted Stories


Science Fiction

  • The Forest Eats” by Santiago Belluco, Compelling #12, Winter 2018 (short story)

Honorable Mentions

Science Fiction

  • Compulsory” by Martha Wells, Wired, December 17, 2018 (short story)
  • Maximum Outflow” by Adam Rogers, Wired, December 17, 2018 (short story)
  • Overvalued” by Mark Stasenko, Slate, November 27, 2018 (short story)





Edit (2019-01-01): Bumped story/word counts to include two stories which came out after the “2018-12-28 Wrap-Up” (which has also been edited to mention them).


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