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Science Fiction

  • Suggestions For Library of America 1970s SF « F&SF Forum. Know of a 1970s American SF novel you think ought to be enshrined for posterity? Head on over to the F&SF forum and tell us about it.
  • Site News: tweaked Featured Futures‘ top menus and sidebar for 2019. I added the 2018 “year’s best” stuff to the “Featured” menu, reordered the “Magazine Reviews” menu into “Full,” “Special,” “Select,” and “Defunct” categories (WordPress’ menu functionality is… non-optimal… but I did the best I could), renamed “Tangent Reviews” to “Reviews for Tangent,” put the “List of Webzines” page in the “Misc” menu and entirely removed the “Pages” items from the sidebar, and refreshed the “Links” widget in the sidebar (cleared out a couple of dead links, updated a couple of changed URLs, and so on). If anyone notices anything else to fix or improve and/or has any URLs to add, feel free to comment on this post or to contact me.


  • 1921-12-26 Steve Allen
  • 1882-12-28 Arthur S. Eddington
  • 1933-12-28 Nichelle Nichols
  • 1915-12-29 Charles L. Harness
  • 1931-12-31 Bob Shaw
  • 1949-12-31 Ellen Datlow
  • 1949-12-31 Susan Shwartz
  • 1854-01-01 J. G. Frazer
  • 1888-01-01 Chesley Bonestell

The data in this section is from the ISFDB. ISFDB entries usually have SFE and/or Wikipedia links for biographies. For free works of older authors online, try sites like FreeSFOnline,, Gutenberg, or





Calvin and Hobbes at GoComics:

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip for December 21, 2018


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