Seasonal Songs (of Sorts) II

All the info on this is in the first paragraph of “Seasonal Songs (of Sorts) I” and this second set is similarly structured. (But, however similar, only two tunes actually repeat (one with a different artist and lyrics and the other with different vocals and instrumentation) and this set adds such essential classics as “Stuff the Turkey” and “Last White Christmas.”)

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Seasonal Songs (of Sorts) I

The Art of Darkness ยป Link Dumps We Have Heard on High” showed up in my feedreader. One of its links was to “All I Want for Christmas is Darkness and Dread | MetaFilter.” That led me to some cool goth stuff (some familiar; some not) but, as usual, I couldn’t stay in the lane and ended up with much more (some familiar; some not). This is the first of two sets. It moves from the King, to punk, to “metal adjacent,” to comedy (of interest to speculative fiction fans), to the actual techno/goth stuff, before a last tune.

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