Summation: October 2018

October was fairly light in both total and noted stories. Counting a couple of late September stories in the month’s first Wrap-Up, there were 39 of the former, weighing in at about 215K words, and a half-dozen of the latter at about 41K (with two recommendations of 7K). Somewhat unusually, Nature and CRES produced the recommended tales, with a science fantasy from Lightspeed and a trio of BCS fantasies from one of its anniversary issues getting the honorable mentions.

Thanks to those folks who have shared their thoughts about which magazines Featured Futures should cover in 2019; they’ve already been very helpful but the more thoughts, the better. While the poll‘s the easiest to keep track of, if you don’t want to participate in it but would still like to provide input, feel free to contact me directly or to leave a comment on the poll’s blog post.

Noted Stories


Science Fiction


  • The Mirror Crack’d” by Jordan Taylor, Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, September 30, 2018 (short story)

Honorable Mentions






Edit (2018-10-31): added last October Links post and review of The Dark.


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