Links (2018-10-17)

Science Fiction

  • 50 Page Friday: FOUNDATION by Issac Asimov – Unbound Worlds. Free Asimov to read, which—if you’re not already on it—may start you down the road to SF changing your life. This amounts to the complete 1951 prequel story, “The Psychohistorians,” along with the first two of the seven sections of the first-written 1942 Foundation story, “Foundation,” (known as “The Encyclopedists” in book form).







Last week it was faux French and unecht Germans from New York. This week, it’s honorary Southerners from California.

Little Feat – “Dixie Chicken” (And not because of the Dixie setting of this particular one but because Little Feat often has a Southern Rock/Blues/Jazz vibe to me.)

Lone Justice – “Don’t Toss Us Away”

And here’s another bonus tune because this is one case where it’s hard to pick a favorite between the original and the Kentucky cover.

Patty Loveless – “Don’t Toss Us Away”


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