Tunesday: Favorite Albums of 2017 (Mohs Scale 6-7)

Details about these posts are in the intro to  “Tunesday: Favorite Albums of 2017 (Mohs Scale 2-3)” but, briefly, here’s another alpha-by-artist list of favorite albums of 2017 with a sample song each, this time composed of what might be called “thrash” at the core or “crossover/hardcore punk” or the like at the edges. This one, appropriately enough, goes to 11 and those samples have a total time of 45:29.

Special notes: All clips are “auto-generated” but three are apparently from the singles and don’t have the album name in its slot (except, coincidentally, “The Rise of Chaos” which even has different cover art). (Speaking of cover art, Sweet Death and Ecstasy‘s cover has been censored which I despise in principle even though the cover is pretty poor.)

Accept – The Rise of Chaos: “The Rise of Chaos” (5:16)

Condor – Unstoppable Power: “83 Days of Radiation” (5:15)

Iron Reagan – Crossover Ministry: “Power of the Skull” (0:50)

Kreator – Gods of Violence: “Gods of Violence” (5:52)

Midnight – Sweet Death and Ecstasy: “Here Comes Sweet Death” (3:41)

Municipal Waste – Slime and Punishment: “Shrednecks” (2:16)

Overkill – The Grinding Wheel: “Goddamn Trouble” (6:21)

Shrapnel – Raised on Decay: “Echoes of Emptiness” (4:56)

Venom Inc. – Avé: “War” (4:31)

Witchery – I Am Legion: “Dry Bones” (4:00)

Wolfbrigade – Run With the Hunted: “Return to None” (2:31)


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