Tunesday: Favorite Albums of 2017 (Mohs Scale 4-5)

If you want details about what’s going on, check out the intro to “Tunesday: Favorite Albums of 2017 (Mohs Scale 2-3).” but, briefly, here’s another alpha-by-artist list of favorite albums of 2017 with a sample song each, this time composed mostly of what might be called “stoner rock” or “stoner metal.” This list is a little short with seven albums/tracks but the total time of 47:33 works out decently.

Specific notes: Bask is from North Carolina, so be sure to like them. 😉 Perfect World Creation and Out of the Blue are a bit more of outliers, not least because they’re purely instrumental.

Bask – Ramble Beyond: “Mush! Carry Me Home” (6:57)

Dark Matter Secret – Perfect World Creation: “Organic Nucleation” (7:32)

Elder – Reflections of a Floating World: “Sanctuary” (11:14)

The Flying Eyes – Burning the Season: “Circle of Stone” (7:29)

Mothership – High Strangeness: “Wise Man” (2:43)

Siena Root – A Dream of Lasting Peace: “Outlander” (4:50)

Tuber – Out of the Blue: “Cat Class” (6:48)

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