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I tend to avoid politics on this blog, only making exceptions for things which ought to be non-partisan like taking a stand against gerrymandering no matter who’s doing it. Well, here’s another thing that ought to be completely non-partisan for any American. This is a Republican representative from Texas, Will Hurd, on the US, NATO, and the Russian government. It’s been months or years since I’ve heard a politician of any party speak for six minutes and been able to agree with it all.



Science Fiction


  • 1921-07-18 John Glenn
  • 1943-07-18 Charles G. Waugh
  • 1948-07-21 G. B. Trudeau
  • 1936-07-22 Tom Robbins
  • 1923-07-23 C. M. Kornbluth
  • 1947-07-23 Gardner Dozois
  • 1895-07-24 Robert Graves

I’ve recently mentioned Dozois in the other context. Still, it’s another opportunity to express appreciation. And, of course, C. M. Kornbluth wrote many superb stories, co-wrote an all-time classic in The Space Merchants and much more. Waugh helped Asimov and Greenberg and others produce many anthologies.

Otherwise, this is another “outside the envelope” week. Glenn is in the ISFDB for a single essay but, hey, it’s Glenn! On a very different note, Trudeau is in for a single cartoon in someone else’s book but memory says he’s another top cartoonist. (Incidentally, the top cartoonist is in the ISFDB with a couple of random items but without his birthdate of July 5, 1958, so a belated happy birthday to Calvin and Hobbes‘ Bill Watterson.) Graves could certainly interest writers of any kind as well as  fantasists and history buffs with The Reader Over Your Shoulder writing guide (recently purchased and started, but currently distracted from by several other books and this blog), The White Goddess myth/poetry book, “Claudius” semi-historical novels, and much more. Finally, Robbins isn’t a “genre” guy except that he writes stuff that’s very much science fictional/fantastic. Either way, I’ve read Still Life with Woodpecker more than once and most of his other books including Jitterbug Perfume and Another Roadside Attraction.

Happy birthday and thanks for all the fics!


Ty Segall’s second self-titled album was in the running for an appearance in Tunesday: Favorite Albums of 2017 (Mohs Scale 2-3). Here’s the last full track. Continue reading