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  • The Splintered Mind: Will Future Generations Find Us Especially Morally Loathsome?. While this article has its own points to make (and I disagree with, or at least question, some of them, such as the idea that people of moral excellence would condemn, rather than seek to understand, the morality of others), it raises issues I’ve long wanted to articulate and which I think are especially pertinent in this era of disturbingly absolutist, holier-than-thou attitudes which bring to mind the “loathsome” eras of Puritans, Salem, Prohibitionists, etc. But if you’re not interested in my take, don’t let that discourage you from reading the excellent article for the author’s viewpoint and for your own.


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  • 1900-06-29 Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  • 1877-07-02 Hermann Hesse
  • 1883-07-03 Franz Kafka

This week’s authors are, oddly, all non-English. I don’t really recall Saint-Exupery‘s  The Little Prince, but who hasn’t read it? I haven’t read Hesse for years but things like Steppenwolf had their effects. I love Kafka‘s The Trial, which is a perfect metaphor for almost everything. He’s, of course, famous for “The Metamorphosis” as well, but I’ve read his complete stories and it was well worth it.


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