Links (2018-05-23)

Welcome to the Bloom County edition of the “Links” post. 😉 Blog note: I’ve updated “Expanded Collated Contents of the Year’s Bests (2017 Stories, Links),” adding The Year’s Best Weird Fiction: Volume Five. Now on with the usual sorts of links.





Earth Tech

Earth Sci

Exo Tech

Exo Sci

Earth Tech, Part II: Robots, Mark II

These aren’t quite ready for prime time as I don’t often think of “robot” together with “manually reset each time”/”line of sight power supply”/”towed” by “fishing rod” but the tropism and “amphibian” (air/sea) approaches of the first and third are probably good ways to go and the second is as neat as it is potentially horribly dangerous. The fourth and fifth are just incredible and, while much of this may have applications beyond robotics, those two almost certainly would. This seems like it ought to be interesting to almost everybody but if any SF writers are reading this, these need to be turned into stories soon!

Science Fiction

  • Editorial | Asimov’s Science Fiction. This wonderful guest editorial is from a teacher who created a class on the life and works of Isaac Asimov with applications to current conditions.
  • Black Gate » Birthday Reviews: Jack Williamson’s “The Cold Green Eye”. One of the most amazing and astounding careers in SF.
  • Amazing Stories Returns to Print – Locus Online. Speaking of, Amazing is the zine that will not die (for long – it’s actually probably died more than any other zine.)
  • The Reference Library | Analog Science Fiction. Dave Truesdale mentioned this because of the Mildred Clingerman review (which is interesting in its own right) but I’m linking to it here because the introductory portion of this book review column contains some historical info on small presses (which connects to contemporary conditions) which many people may not be aware of these days but might enjoy reading about. (Two clarifications: the reference to DAW and 1964 is, of course, a typo for 1984 and, in the review section, on the Lerner non-fiction book (which I reviewed favorably for Tangent), the review doesn’t make clear that some of the essays have been updated, so the book provides content the original articles don’t.)
  • Black Gate » Here They Are — The Brand New 1957 Titles from Gnome Press. Speaking of small presses, check this out. The write-up is mostly about the Conan books and the price but, much like old SFBC ads, just look at the selection! Some guys named Anderson, Blish, Dickson, Leiber, Leinster, and Merril (and occasional Kuttner-collaborator Barnes). Not a title there I wouldn’t read (and I have read the Blish, Leiber, Leinster, and other Merrils including Best of the Best which selects from those two annuals and the rest of her first five.)
  • Black Gate » Vintage Treasures: Four for Tomorrow by Roger Zelazny. This post has got the SF covered from A-Z. Two of this collection’s four stories were immediately recollected in Doors of His Face and I have no idea why the other two were never recollected but this is still worth getting just for those.


Samples from my library sale CDs:

Telemann – Trumpet Concerto in D. (My CD has Andre doing this with Marriner/ASMF but I couldn’t find that on youtube so this (coincidentally with Karajan/Berlin Philharmonic as the second piece is and is supposed to be) will have to do.)

Weber – Overture to Oberon


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