Book Haul!

Awhile ago, I went to the library book sale. This year’s selection of speculative fiction was not as good as last year’s and, again, I ended up getting proportionally more fantasy and horror than I’d ideally aim for (though it is hard to find science fiction I do want and don’t have—in several cases, in both SF/F/H and other categories, I got replacement copies rather than outright new books). The lack of SF did allow me to devote a little more time to looking through some other subjects. On a general note, there was a good crowd which put a few drops into the county’s bucket.

As I did last year, I’m posting some pics. Click to embiggen (and if your browser auto-resizes and you want to see it full-size you may need to click again or do something else).

First, the spine shots with SF/F/H and music in the first and other stuff in the second (only the front rows are new so ignore the books behind them):

Then the main cover shots. SF/F/H anthologies, SF/F/H collections/novels:

History, science/math, poetry/fiction (a few aren’t exactly any of those categories but are put in the ones they’re closest to—but the Finney should have been in SF/F or arguably a couple of the more fringe genre authors should have joined Finney here):

Then the other cover shots of cartoons and CDs. (Haven’t read Doonesbury in years, so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes but it was good to get back the one Bloom County I was currently missing. There were no good non-classical CDs and almost all the classical, if interesting at all, was vocal/trumpet/Christmas music which aren’t prime areas of interest for me but I still got some—can’t resist my Baroque composers, especially.)

Finally, shots of a pocket dictionary (for a jolly green pocket) that wasn’t in a spine shot because it doesn’t fit on those shelves. Though not from the sale, I put the Vance paperback in for scale.

Total: 102 books (counting the 3-pb box set as 1) and 11 CDs for $120 and an average of $1.06 apiece. Again, a lot of money but, again, it only happens once a year and for a good cause.

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