Summation: March 2018

The fifteen noted stories (nine recommended) come from the 112 (of about 560,000 words) that I’ve read with a publication date between February 26 and March 31. The printzines were decent, with Analog, Asimov’s, F&SF and Interzone (the latter reviewed for Tangent) being represented by more than one story from their bi-monthly issues. On the web, Lightspeed has two from just this month while Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Flash Fiction Online, and Nature also make appearances.


Science Fiction

  • “The Camel’s Tail” by Tom Jolly, Analog, March/April 2018 (novelette)
  • “In Event of Moon Disaster” by Rich Larson , Asimov’s, March/April 2018 (short story)
  • The Independence Patch” by Bryan Camp, Lightspeed #94, March 2018 (short story)
  • “Likho” by Andy Stewart, F&SF, March/April 2018 (science fantasy novella)
  • “Never the Twain” by Michael Reid, Interzone #274, March/April 2018 (science fantasy short story)
  • This Big” by John Cooper Hamilton, Nature, March 21, 2018 (“science fiction” short story)


Honorable Mentions:

Science Fiction

  • “Bury Me in the Rainbow” by Bill Johnson, Asimov’s, March/April 2018 (novella)
  • Cosmic Spring” by Ken Liu, Lightspeed #94, March, 2018 (short story)
  • “The Harmonic Resonance of Ejiro Anaborhi” by Wole Talabi, F&SF, March/April 2018 (science fantasy short story)
  • “Physics Tomorrow” by Gregory Benford, Analog, March/April 2018 (fictional science article)
  • “Sicko” by Jerry Oltion, Analog, March/April 2018 (non-SF/F short story)


  • “baleen, baleen” by Alexandra Renwick, Interzone #274, March/April 2018 (short story)

Reviews of the Above:



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