Links (2018-02-12)

The last link post was almost a month ago (January 17) so there are a bunch of links in this one. I kept meaning to post this and never getting around to it and it kept growing though I have deleted some links I was originally going to post.





  • A mosquito’s foot at 800X magnification – Imgur. Found this via The Art of Darkness. However cool (and creepy) you think this is likely to be, it’s probably more so.
  • The Likelihood of Massive Exomoons
  • SF and Nonsense: Space-y matters. “Space-y Matters” includes several links of its own. I picked three to specially note here. On the first, it’s nice to see someone trying to explain stuff without resorting to space fairies and, on the last, speaking of space fairies, I don’t know that it rules out the early manufacturing stages of a Dyson sphere on the one hand and, even if it is just dust, it begs the question why this one system has its very own special fairy dust no other system has. The article does eventually touch on that, but it’s just as important as the “final explanation,” itself. The middle one is just cool. Could be.

Science Fiction


Specific Authors

Black Gate has been running a lot of birthday reviews as well as a few interesting general reviews and, of course, many people also do their own birthday things, as well as other memorials. Also, because I picked up another Arthur C. Clarke non-fiction work recently, I was wondering if I had everything I wanted and found a neat resource.

Arthur C. Clarke

C. M. Kornbluth

Ursula K. Le Guin (There were naturally a few billion of these but these are two distinctive ones that aren’t from the usual suspects.)

Katherine MacLean

C. L. Moore (and Henry Kuttner)

John Shirley

James Tiptree, Jr.


Here are some interviews, notices, and tunes that won’t be of interest to anyone other than fans of C.O.C. and vintage thrash. Continue reading