Clarke, Dozois, Horton, and Strahan’s Annuals, etc.

The contents of the “big four” general SF/F anthologies have now been announced. I’ve updated my “Collated Contents of the Big Year’s Bests (2017 Stories, with Links!)” and thought I’d let folks know that. I also thought I’d see what happened in relation to the stories I thought were among the Web’s Best Science Fiction and the Web’s Best Fantasy.

For the SF:

All four annuals:

  • The Martian Obelisk * Linda Nagata *, July 19, 2017 [Clarke, Dozois, Horton, Strahan]

Three annuals:

  • A Series of Steaks * Vina Jie-Min Prasad * Clarkesworld #124, January 2017 [Clarke, Dozois, Strahan]

Two annuals:

  • Uncanny Valley * Greg Egan *, August 9, 2017 [Clarke, Dozois]

One annual:

  • This Is for You * Bruce McAllister * Lightspeed #84, May 2017 [Horton]

Just me:

  • Penelope Waits * Dennis Danvers * Apex #101, October 2017
  • Fool’s Cap * Andy Dudak * Clarkesworld #129, June 2017
  • Rising Star * Stephen Graham Jones * Uncanny #15, March/April 2017
  • Tav * Dustin Kennedy * Compelling #5, February/March 2017
  • Seven Permutations of My Daughter * Lina Rather * Lightspeed #83, April 2017
  • Little /^^^\&- * Eric Schwitzgebel * Clarkesworld #132, September 2017
  • Sweetlings * Lucy Taylor *, May 3, 2017
  • Legale * Vernor Vinge * Nature, August 9, 2017
  • Cease and Desist * Tyler Young * Nature, January 18, 2017

Every editor has a sizable selection of stories unique to that editor and that’s good because variety is the spice (and having fewer duplicates makes for a better reading value).

For fantasy, it’s rather different as it’s only covered by the fantasy portions of Horton and Strahan and, there, I thought one of the best fantasy stories on the web in 2017 was:

Though She Be But Little * C. S. E. Cooney * Uncanny #18, September/October 2017

Horton and Strahan thought so, too, but that was it. My other twelve selections are… pleasingly distinctive. 🙂

Anyway, please go check out the collated list of selections brought to you by the pros and go ahead and give my “Web’s Bests” a look if you’re so inclined. Congrats to all the editors on their selections and the authors on their stories!


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