Summation of Online Fiction: January 2018

Covering January short fiction was exciting (and busy), as Featured Futures added Analog, Ares, Asimov’s, Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, F&SF, and Galaxy’s Edge to its roster, resulting in significantly more stories read than usual (86 of 455K words) and a similarly larger than usual recommended/mentioned list. In webzine news, and speaking of Galaxy’s Edge, I was going to add coverage of it as a print zine but, coincidentally, it returned to webzine status, once again making all its fiction available on the web. The categorized “List of Professional SF/F/H Magazines” (which doubles as a list of the markets Featured Futures covers as well as being a sort of index of reviews) has been updated to reflect this.

(By the way, this January summation actually covers just January 1-28 since weekly (sub-monthly/irregular) fiction is now covered in “Weekly Webzine Wrap-ups” and this week runs into February and will be covered in that month. The plan is to cover all future months/weeks the same way, without further comment.)


Science Fiction

  • “Galatea in Utopia” by Nick Wolven, F&SF, January/February 2018, novelette
  • The Hydraulic Emperor” by Arkady Martine, Uncanny #20, January/February 2018, short story
  • Sour Milk Girls” by Erin Roberts, Clarkesworld #136, January 2018, short story
  • “Ten and Ten” by Alan Dean Foster, Analog, January/February 2018, short story


Honorable Mentions:

Science Fiction

  • “Assassin in the Clouds” by Robert R. Chase, Asimov’s, January/February 2018, novelette
  • “In the Lost City of Leng” by Paul Di Filippo & Rudy Rucker, Asimov’s, January/February 2018, science fantasy novella
  • “A List of Forty-Nine Lies” by Steven Fischer, F&SF, January/February 2018, short story
  • “Margin of Error” by Paul Carlson, Analog, January/February 2018, short story
  • A Night Out at a Nice Place” Nick Mamatas, Apex #104, January 2018, short story


Reviews of the Above:


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