Special Edition: Links (2018-01-02)

I don’t really have enough material to make a Links post and, with the year-end/first-of-month thing, I have been and will be posting too much anyway but there are a couple of things I want to note. First, this is Isaac Asimov’s birthday and National Science Fiction Day and I wanted to pay tribute to my favorite science fiction writer. Here are a couple of things from around the web on that.

Happy birthday, Isaac!

Second, I’m happy to note that Rocket Stack Rank has added me to quite an estimable group of reviewers in their “Recommended by” list. This especially means something to me since I consider RSR to be one of the top review sites. Beware that second link – it’s a time sink. But a fun one! 🙂

For more usual Link-age, here’s a charmingly naive piece about a very important issue. I’m sure Mickey Mouse will strike again this year.

And to end on a hilarious note, I enjoy Ansible generally, but “Thog’s Masterclass” is probably my single favorite thing. I usually get at least a chuckle and sometimes I suffer/enjoy paroxysms of laughter that leave my stomach hurting. This month’s edition is of the latter variety.



Review of January 1, 2018 Strange Horizons for Tangent

From the perspective of adulthood, the narrator recounts a tale of youth in which she and her companions went fishing and caught more than they bargained for….

Full (single-story) review at Tangent: Strange Horizons, January 1, 2018.