Weekly Webzine Wrap-Up (2017-12-29)

Weekly Webzine Wrap-Up image

While the week before Christmas had an avalanche of nine stories of 37Kwds, this week after Christmas seems to have a single story of about 2. So here it is.

Edit (2017-12-30): I keep forgetting that the irregular Grievous Angel can ambush me at odd moments. Appended below is a note on what it promises is the last flash of the year.

You Will Never Know What Opens” by Mari Ness, Lightspeed #91, December [28], 2017, fantasy short story

“You” are “presently” exploring all the doors in your house which shift and sometimes disappear but lead to magical lands which have varying degrees of danger and which allow you to return after varying intervals.

This very short story is almost dead in the water, being second-person, present tense and extremely “meta” but it’s so full of shiny things (moments of beauty and insight and humor) that it’s hard not to note it in some way. What really hurts it is the lack of plot. While there is some motion, it’s really not that different from the recently reviewed “An Incomplete Timeline of What We Tried” in terms of being a list. Just a shorter, yet much more elaborate and attractive list.

Garbanzo Brain” by Diana Rohlman, Grievous Angel, December 30, 2017, fantasy flash

A woman is at the psychic lady’s place, seeking solace, talking about her husband and how he usually or always said “I love you” to her before leaving except the day he died in an accident.

This is likely not fantasy at all (certainly doesn’t have to be) but you can insist on the reality of an element in the story to make it fantasy. Either way, while it’d be sympathy-inducing in real life, it’s rather simple and sentimental fiction.


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