Links (2017-12-19)


We don’t usually get snow around here until January, if at all, so I make do with snow at football games on TV (the Army-Navy game was awesome for so many reasons, including that) and looking at nature photography like The First Snow.


Having just struggled to start up a lawnmower after a few weeks of occasionally lightly freezing weather, it brings home how amazing it is that Voyager 1 Just Fired Up Its Backup Thrusters for the 1st Time in 37 Years.

More amazing: Oldest Monster Black Hole Ever Found Is 800 Million Times More Massive Than the Sun.

Science Fiction

Here’s a quartet of SF links I liked and thought others might enjoy seeing if they haven’t yet. On the Trek, I’m not sure I always agree with Cambias’ classification and, regarding those particular Trek episodes, one could argue the pulpier ones aren’t the best ones. I still thought it was interesting, though, and it has a fundamentally sound point.

A Leigh Brackett Renaissance?
Pulp Trek!
A Return to Terry Carr’s Best Science Fiction of the Year
Octavia E Butler: Modern Master of SF


Grammar is being destroyed everywhere, especially on the web. I’m sure I do my part, especially in my more casual posts but I try to do my best in considered posts. One thing that has always bothered me and which I’ve seen a lot in just the past week made me look for support. I don’t think people even believe this is correct and are consciously wedded to using it – I think it’s just one of those unquestioned things that have slipped into the usage of many writers (and editors!): “Try And…” vs “Try To…”


A “Felsius” for the rest of us.


This year is almost over and if there are any musicians left alive by then, I hope they can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy 2018. Here’s another rock memorial:

Pat DiNizio, lead singer of rock band Smithereens, dead at 62

They had three or four songs bigger than these (and a couple I really liked, too) but, for variety, here are another couple I really liked:

“Behind the Wall of Sleep”

“Blues Before and After”


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