Other 2017 Recommendations

The only things eligible for the Web’s Best science fiction and fantasy lists were, naturally, those science fiction and fantasy pieces first published on the generally accessible web. That doesn’t cover all the 2017 (or so) short fiction I read and enjoyed, though, and I wanted to round those up. Some would have made the “Best of 2017” and some wouldn’t but they’re all at least the “Very Good of 2017.”

Two excellent stories I read which were billed as fantasy but struck me as “mainstream with a speculative sensibility” were “The Living Dryad” by Theodora Goss (Tor.com, March 9, 2017 – as science fictional as it was fantastic, incidentally) and “Claire Weinraub’s Top Five Sea Monster Stories (For Allie)” by Evan Berkow (Flash Fiction Online, October 2017).

Take Us To Your Chief” by Drew Hayden Taylor (reprinted in the January 30, 2017 Strange Horizons) was also excellent and even SF, but was originally from Take Us to Your Chief and Other Stories (2016).

Finally, I did twenty-one reviews for Tangent this year (and another in 2016 of a 2017 anthology) and twelve were not of webzines. The stories I recommended from those were:

  • “The Catastrophe of Cities” by Lisa Goldstein (Asimov’s, January/February 2017)
  • “Command and Control” by David D. Levine (Infinity Wars, September 2017)
  • “Down and Out” by Ken Wharton (Science Fiction by Scientists, January 2017; reprinted in Compelling #4, December 2016/January 2017)
  • “Fatherbond” by Tom Purdom (Asimov’s, January/February 2017)
  • “The Gatherer of Sorrows” by J. M. Sidorova (Science Fiction by Scientists, January 2017)
  • “Heavies” by Rich Larson (Infinity Wars, September 2017)
  • “Hollywood Squid” by Oliver Buckram (F&SF, September/October 2017)
  • “In Everlasting Wisdom” by Aliette de Bodard (Infinity Wars, September 2017)
  • “Pieces of Ourselves” by Robert R. Chase (Asimov’s, January/February 2017)
  • “The Speed of Belief” by Robert Reed (Asimov’s, January/February 2017)
  • “Starlight Express” by Michael Swanwick (F&SF, September/October 2017)
  • “Sunflower Junction” by Simon Avery (Black Static #57, March/April 2017)
  • “The Transmuted Child” by Michael Reid (Interzone #268, January/February 2017)
  • “Tree With Chalicotheres” by Vicki Saunders (Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, July 2017)
  • “Weather Girl” by E. J. Swift (Infinity Wars, September 2017)
  • “ZeroS” by Peter Watts (Infinity Wars, September 2017)

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