Review: Flash Fiction Online, December 2017


Flash Fiction Online, December 2017

Cover of Flash Fiction Online, December 2017

This is a quickie. For whatever reason, two stories in this issue are billed as “literary” while one is the usual reprint, leaving only one to review. That is

“The First Stop Is Always the Last” by John Wiswell (fantasy short story)

This is a Groundhog’s Day with a woman who drives a bus and a woman coming from a very important funeral. The movie is, among other things, about a guy pursuing a girl and becoming a better person in the process while this is about a girl dealing with loss, worrying about her new job, and pursuing a girl almost incidentally. Adequately executed but the movie’s much better.


On the Future Features of Featured Futures

Twenty days from now this blog turns a year old and, thirty-one from now, 2017 will be over. I want to thank everyone who’s visited, liked, commented on, and followed the blog here so far and especially those who are reading speculative short fiction.

Looking ahead, the one big change is that I should be adding coverage of the professional print zines beginning with their 2018 issues. (I’m adding a new page categorically listing all the professional periodicals and what this blog covers: List of Professional SF/F/H Magazines.) I haven’t quite decided how I’ll cover them or the webzines. I like the “rec” approach and keeping things focused and positive but, especially for print zines, I feel like I should give folks a survey of the whole thing so I’m considering reviews similar in style to my Tangent reviews (as with yesterday’s review of the Compelling webzine and with some forthcoming reviews, including the January/February 2018 F&SF). I may end up doing a happy medium/combo of the two but we’ll see. I am going to try covering the weekly(ish) webzines differently. Generally, I have been reading and reviewing them as soon as possible but I’m going to at least try weekly installments (perhaps on Mondays) instead.

The other content (links to Tangent reviews, general link posts, occasional book reviews, TV/movie comments, other random things) should stay about the same. The monthly summations should also be the same, allowing that the coverage of the weekly zines may have a few days’ material ending up in a summation before or after that summation’s proper month.

As far as the more static content, I’ll also be cleaning up the sidebar links a bit to remove the redundancies with the new page and to try to make sure the remainder are fresh and relevant. This is no judgment on quality or appreciation but some just aren’t all that “live.” I may also try to improve the “about” page and the menus.

I think that about covers it. I hope these additions and changes will make Featured Futures more interesting and useful.