Linky Tunes (2017-07-11)

The big news is that Ellen Datlow and Omni will apparently be back in action soon. Since her choices are by far my favorite part of‘s fiction offerings, I hope this doesn’t negatively impact that but only increases her editorial footprint (so to speak – kinda hard to edit with your feet).

Here’s another featured past: New cache of Roman writing tablets found at Vindolanda (from The History Blog). Unless one of the soldiers happened to jot down a favorite line of poetry or something, this won’t produce any great literature but I still get extra-excited whenever any ancient writings are uncovered. One of these days we’ll find another play of Aeschylus’ or another book of Livy or some completely lost author. (Please.)

The second item in this list from The Art of Darkness made me literally laugh out loud.

And now for the tunes…

Stevie Ray Vaughan – “Couldn’t Stand the Weather”

Grateful Dead – “Terrapin Station”


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