Rec: “The Black Clover Equation” by Zach Shephard

The Black Clover Equation” by Zach Shephard, Flash Fiction Online April 2017, fantasy short story

This short-short takes a scientific (and hilarious) approach to lucky charms and their counterparts. (Given that approach and another element, it’s almost as much SF as fantasy.) The terse, dispassionate notes are appropriate for what they’re supposed to be but also create an almost Steven Wright delivery which makes it even funnier and the outrageous extension of the tale takes it to the finish line. (Although I think my favorite specific bit was the relatively modest black spray paint/combo effort.) Humor is in the funny bone of the beholder but I strongly recommend this.


2 thoughts on “Rec: “The Black Clover Equation” by Zach Shephard

  1. i need help understanding the ending part of the story, could you help? what does the author mean when he says “appear to be last man alive”???


    • (Warning for casual readers that this is spoilery.)

      Emily, I think, at the date of that entry, he thought that might be the case because he was the last man alive in his town (due to the apocalypse of unluckiness) but, by the next entry, he’s found that there are, for now, a few other survivors. Is that what you meant?


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