Linky Tunes (2017-03-09)

Previous posts like this were titled “McGregor’s Miscellany” after things like Tottel’s Miscellany but it bugs me in a couple of ways. Of course, you know this means a name change. (Now let’s see how long this one lasts.)

What If There Was a New What If?

In case you don’t subscribe to the RSS feed, xkcd has a new What If? about Electrofishing for Whales.

SciAm on PolCorr

Here’s a newish and oldish article from Scientific American about offensensitivity. (Disclaimer: I’m sympathetic to most aims of most PC folks but very rarely with their methods and find some (some) PC people, bluntly, to be dictators in liberals’ clothing or people who are otherwise projecting personal issues. These articles seem to be quite balanced though, neither defending nor attacking PC/”EI” but merely making observations.)

The Personality of Political Correctness

Too Much Emotional Intelligence Is a Bad Thing

I Regret That I’m Not a Time-Traveling Immortal Speed Reader

Thrice Read has Top 5 Thursday – Bookish Regrets. Regarding Jenn’s #1, I tend to go as far into series as I want (which is sometimes not far) but I do wonder if I’ll ever finish Revelation Space. (Absolution Gap has been near the top of the Pile for years now but never quite gets to the very top.) On #3, I also don’t tend to stop in the middle of individual books much but regret it when I do for the same reason she gives: gotta start over. Probably my biggest book-related regret is when I knew about something years ago but never got around to it and then, when I do, find myself wishing I’d read it earlier. Sometimes this is personal, such as when I finally get around to reading something I’ve known about since I was a teen and suspect I’d have loved it even more as a teen. Sometimes it’s related to reviewing – I could have reviewed B so much better if I had read A first. Sometimes it’s scientific or historical – some science fiction is very timely and it has to hold up then and now but I missed the opportunity to at least read it when it wasn’t “dated.” But we all know time is what keeps everything from happening at once; the only sort of solution would be to, for example, read everything at the same time with that time being yesterday. Still, it’d probably be a good idea to read my newest book now and my old classic later rather than my old classic now so that I don’t get to my new book until it’s an old classic, itself.

Cover Shack

And, as always, the tunes! Today’s a Threefer Thursday because one thing led to another to another…

Acid Drinkers – “Love Shack” (cover of the B-52’s song from an earlier post; this could be a Fourfer because they do a great cover of “Another Brick in the Wall”)

Ministry – “Roadhouse Blues” (love the Doors, love Ministry, love 6 billion bps)

Ministry – “Lay Lady Lay” (this still gets the Ministry treatment but in a much less frenetic way – one of my favorite covers)


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