Dead Zine Memorial Service

Ralan has moved Fantasy Scroll Mag to the dead zone. We’ve lost several zines recently including Fantastic Stories (2017-01-19), New Zenith (2017-01-23), Betwixt (2017-02-06), and Triptych Tales (2017-02-27). (Terraform is also listed as “only sleeping” but, whatever their submission condition, they just published a story yesterday.)

Fantasy Scroll Mag paid a mere penny a word. There are some zines (not naming names!) that make me wonder where they get all their money and why they choose to waste it the way they do. While I only read a few issues and it was clear that FSM was no prozine, I was surprised at the great bang for their penny they got and I figured I’d memorialize the zine by dredging up some old recs and mentions.

A zine I miss even more is Unlikely Story (2016-12-20). Again, I only read a couple of issues but how you make “clown fear”-themed issues and issues on bugs (and computers) and so on and make them good, I don’t know, but they were my kind of crazy.

Finally, I’ll note Cosmos (2016-03-18). Somewhat like Nature in the UK, Cosmos is an Australian science zine which brought pretty good science fiction (of a rare sort) to the web for awhile (and, unlike Nature, wasn’t limited to flash).

Who knows? Maybe if you give these zines a million hits and buy back-issues and whatnot, they’ll come back to life. And there are plenty still alive so check ’em out.

Finally, some tunes…
Bet you weren’t expecting this one.

Queen – “Another One Bites the Dust”

Aside from the chorus taken out of context, this one doesn’t even apply. But like I’m going to let that stop me.

Joan Jett – “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got”


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