Links to Stories the Big SF/F Editors Picked As Their Favorites of 2016

The following is a list of the stories Clarke, Dozois, Horton, and Strahan have picked for their annuals that come from (or at least have) web sources. It’s arranged by the number of “votes” by our esteemed “jury,” and then alphabetical by source and story title (more or less). I hope to read as many of these as soon as I can and hope other folks will take a look, too, and let me know what they think of them.

Edit (2017-01-29): For my readings of, reactions to, and recommendations for these stories, see Reading the 2016 “Best” Stories (Part 1), (Part 2), and (Part 3/Conclusion). Stories I was particularly struck by are now in bold font.

Four Annuals: Clarke, Dozois, Horton, Strahan

Three Annuals

Two Annuals

One Annual: Clarke

One Annual: Dozois

One Annual: Horton

One Annual: Strahan


Source: the File 770 ToCs mentioned in the Year’s Bests and My Recommendations post for the stories and lots of web searches for the links.

Edit: (2016-12-28) For a complete list—including print stories—which ranks by a combination of annual appearances and reviews, see 2016 Best SF/F Anthologies at Rocket Stack Rank.

Edit (2017-01-10): As promised, this has been updated with Clarke’s picks (via File 770).


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