The Theory of Featured Futures

The next three paragraphs of this post and the “About” page are currently identical but, in case the “About” page changes, this post will preserve that part of that page. And it will at least get the “first post” out of the way.

The main purpose of this blog is to promote short science fiction. Anything I read and like, I’ll talk about here in the hopes that others will also read and enjoy it and short science fiction will take over the world. (This focus won’t prevent me from talking about anything else if the mood strikes but the handy category/tag features should keep the on- and off-topic material clearly organized.)

I review short science fiction and fantasy for Tangent and this blog will note those reviews but it will primarily cover much of my other reading.

I have a “handwritten” website currently called J-Sun-Space on a Unix shell account which had the same basic purpose but I suspect this blog will be easier to maintain for me and easier to navigate and look upon for others. That said, I’ve never done anything with wordpress before and this is a free (and, thus, limited) account, so please bear with any learning curves or inefficiencies.

(I say above that “it will primarily cover much of my other reading” and that should be true beginning in the new year when I start reading as many webzines as I can again though I’m not reading much besides things for Tangent this December.)


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